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Who We Are

Curbside Veterinary Clinic practice owner, Dr. Sherif Lawendy, has extensive experience in the veterinary industry. He has owned and operated two veterinary hospitals in Fairfield County over the past 18 years and has experience in small and large animal medicine, dentistry, and surgery, as well as advanced certification in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery, hip dysplasia screening, and arthritis management.

Working in a traditional brick and mortar practice setting, Dr. Lawendy discovered the challenges of being able to provide personalized veterinary care. Due to the nature of the traditional pet care model, veterinarians tend to be pulled in many different directions, with tight schedules and limited time divided between many clients. Offering care in a mobile setting permits the Curbside Veterinary Clinic team to spend more time with each client and focus on a more individualized health program for each patient. Additionally, Dr. Lawendy is able to have direct involvement in all aspects of his patients’ dietary, behavioral, and medical needs. This translates into a more thorough and comprehensive health program for every patient that is cared for by the Curbside Vet team. All of this while in the confines of a state-of-the-art, 34-foot mobile clinic serving greater Fairfield, New Haven, and Westchester counties.

photo of Dr Lawendy with his family

In addition to providing a more individual-based veterinary program, Dr. Lawendy was driven by the need to be more available to his family. A father of three, Mikayla, Tristan, and Isabel, he grew up seeing very little of his own father, who incidentally was a practicing veterinarian as well. Dr. Lawendy saw he was following similar footprints to his patriarch and elected to make a change. The added flexibility and scheduling of a mobile practice permits him to be more involved in the lives of his young children and embrace and nurture strong family values. Dr. Lawendy considers himself quite fortunate to have found a way to balance his career with his personal and familial aspirations.

Curbside Veterinary Clinic is proud to serve the surrounding communities and offer both mobile as well as standard appointments at our home base in Easton, CT for your scheduling convenience.

“5 C” Commitment

Clients will know Curbside Veterinary Clinic by their "5 C" Commitment: Care, Comfort, Convenience, Compassion and "C"uality. Click on the headers below to learn about each one of these commitments.

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