Dr. Sherif Lawendy

Working in a traditional brick and mortar practice setting, Dr. Lawendy discovered the challenges of being able to provide personalized veterinary care.

In addition to providing a more individual-based veterinary program, Dr. Lawendy was driven by the need to be more available to his family. A father of three, Mikayla, Tristan, and Isabel, he grew up seeing very little of his own father, who incidentally was a practicing veterinarian as well. Dr. Lawendy saw he was following similar footprints to his patriarch and elected to make a change. The added flexibility and scheduling of a mobile practice permits him to be more involved in the lives of his young children and embrace and nurture strong family values.

Dr. Lawendy considers himself quite fortunate to have found a way to balance his career with his personal and familial aspirations.

Dr. Lawendy with his two dogs